Mark Bester, owner of Mark’s Autoworx, has been in the motor trade since 1991. He and the staff of Mark’s Autoworx have a broad scope of knowledge and experience regarding the motor trade in service delivery and quality workmanship of the following areas:

  • Panel beating
  • Structural and major structural repairs – chassis straightening
  • Spray painting
  • Touch ups and final finishing of vehicles
  • Mechanical repairs / Field service
  • Auto electrical and diagnostic repairs

Supplementary to the above mentioned services we also offer the following:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Services
  • Brake Adjustments for Trucks
  • Clutch Adjustments
  • Washing and disinfecting of fleet vehicles with closed loading body’s


Mark’s Autoworx has been operating since April 2012. The business is steadily growing in good reputation and client base. We pride ourselves in providing excellent quality workmanship with a quick turn- around time. We believe that a vehicle standing equals loss of productivity and profit to our customer.


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